The Future of Greenwood: Insights from The Athletic UK

The Future of Greenwood: Insights from The Athletic UK

Mason Greenwood's time off the field in Spain has been quite interesting. Despite being considered shy and reserved by some, he has gradually embraced the jokes and banter of his Spanish and Argentinian teammates. Getafe even arranged Spanish lessons for him, resulting in him hiring a personal tutor. On a personal level, he is enjoying his life in Madrid with his partner and daughter. The weather and food in Spain are much better than in England, and off the field, he faces relatively less media pressure. The club noted that he has become more active on his social media channels, which was unthinkable when he first arrived.

The desire of Getafe and their fans to keep Greenwood is evident. From the first training session after his signing, fans celebrated every time he touched the ball, and they now frequently wait for him at the exit of the training ground. In Getafe's stadium, which can accommodate 16,500 people, fans of all ages can be seen wearing his jersey. A senior source from the club, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that if Greenwood continues to perform as he is now, Getafe will initiate discussions with Manchester United about his future to see if he can stay in Spain. The club plans to negotiate with Manchester United in April.

Manchester United has been closely monitoring Greenwood's progress at Getafe. The club keeps an eye on all their loaned players, and Greenwood is no exception. They have representatives attending his games in Spain, and they also watch his matches through video analysis. When Greenwood joined Getafe in early September, Manchester United's player welfare team accompanied him during his initial days, helping him with travel arrangements and finding suitable accommodation. After that, player welfare officials returned to Manchester, handing the responsibility of his daily life to Getafe and Greenwood himself. Manchester United continues to offer support and supervision but only when deemed necessary by Greenwood or the Spanish club.

The potential change in ownership with Englishtown becoming a partial owner of Manchester United brings uncertainty. While it is unlikely that Greenwood will be the immediate focus of Englishtown's attention during negotiations for acquiring Manchester United shares from the Glazer family, it may become an issue once they take control of the football department. For Englishtown, the simplest solution would be to let Greenwood leave Manchester United. Considering how Manchester United has made a complete turnaround, if Englishtown were to decide to bring Greenwood back, it would be another drastic change. The final choice would be to either sell Greenwood or reintegrate him into the first team. Greenwood's contract runs until 2025, with an option for an additional year. Manchester United can extend the contract to protect his value or boost it, but even that may lead to unnecessary complications.

Does Greenwood have absolutely no chance of returning to Manchester United? In August, there were reports that Manchester United initially wanted Greenwood to return, and some club staff members considered their stance, even discussing the possibility of a strike. Before changing their plans, Manchester United faced pressure from political figures, charities, and fans. If there is even a slight chance for Greenwood to play for Manchester United again, this attention will resurface and potentially intensify. Manchester United's intention and hope are for Greenwood to truly move on during his loan spell at Getafe, before bidding a final farewell and continuing his professional career.

Reference: The Athletic